GIS Infrastructure Update

The County's GIS team, along with the help of a number of our partners in Information Services have recently finished a complete update to our GIS infrastructure. We've updated everything from desktop software to servers, databases, and the code that helps get our spatial data to our end users. No small task! It takes months of planning and teamwork to make the cutover as seamless as possible. Our new infrastructure helps insure Santa Cruz County GIS remains accesible and ready for future advancements.

GIS Team News

The GIS Team bids a fond farewell to one of our team members, Austin Robey, as he heads for an exciting opportunity to lead the GIS Team at the City of Watsonville. We look forward to continued collaboration with Watsonville's GIS, and we know that their GIS program is in good hands with the addition of Austin to their roster.

Now for something fun...

Check out this globe application which allows you to find an address on the globe and step back in time to visualize land-masses as they moved about our evolving planet. Really fun!